Just before Christmas and a day before my birthday, while driving through a canyon road, I was  contemplating and questioning my responsibility to a current family crisis. Ahead there was a grey haired man walking on the side of the road carrying something very large on his shoulder.  I drove past him and pierced my eyes to see him carrying a large cross…about 8-10ft tall then I heard in my minds ear, “This is not your cross to bear.”

Many folks have called 2014 a transformative year…perhaps a kind way of saying “WTF 2014!!!”  It was a bit intense for me how about you?  All growth opportunities for each of us.

Upon further reflection perhaps what we experienced in 2014 is humanity’s journey coming into balance.  Our intuition and our consciousness is awakened by our desire to want to know our role.  The question arises “What is my responsibility in this?” In my opinion no one on the planet is immune to this awakening growth.

Balance is imminent on some level for each of us.

Who’s cross will you bear on your journey into healing?

the elixir
that quenches
Souls thirst
to know
to move
clear purpose.

~drum medicine 1.1.15

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