The successful build of Bonita Domes and the way we did it, not only came from the teachings of visionary architect Nadir Kahlili but, also from my apprenticeship and teachings with Maria YraceburuLynda Yraceburu and Spiral Dancing.
Under their guidance, I learned to love and believe in myself. I learned about building community and transcending chaos and drama. I learned how to continue to live close to nature, amongst the cosmos and in the elements and the spirit realm.
I continue my apprenticeship by learning more about the correlation of the world around us and it’s deep, deep effects on our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves.

I do this so I can embrace life affirming joy, teach others or just be a beckon of inspiration for those seeking Peace and Connection. All of us must do our part.

This is mine:

Bonita Domes = Beautiful Sacred Architecture
Drum Medicine = Summon Restored Health

Some days this is not an easy purpose to fulfill. Other days its pure bliss. Most days balance prevails and Peace is the blanket.
Follow your dream. Follow your heart. Then take action. We’re all in this together.


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