Office Hours:  Monday – Friday 10 AM – 3 PM

Tours & Visits: Tuesday by Appointment

Healing Sessions: Wednesday & Sunday by Appointment

Open Studio: TBA


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“I am passionate about inspiring my clients in finding their own medicine of empowerment.”
Lisa Starr

Artist, Healer and Drum Medicine Woman.

Practical. Creative. Earthy. Spicy. Specializing in Shamanic Healing Arts for 17 years. Master crafter of drums and sacred instruments of power.   Passionate about inspiring others to recognize their potential and embrace their life purpose.

The earth architecture and geometry of the structures at Bonita Domes further enhances an experience of empowerment for visitors, guests and clients.


Shamanic Healing

A private Shamanic Healing session  utilizes holistic health practices, counseling and energy body work to assist clients in reclaiming their health and self empowered healing. 

Drum Medicine Journey

A drum medicine journey is very similar to a guided meditation. Using a two sided shamanic journey drum, a specific pattern of beats are played while participants sit back and relax into a guided journey experience.

Drum Making Sessions

Experience ritual and ceremony within the desert landscape in your creation of a one-sided drum using  elk hide and cedar hoop. See events calendar for upcoming Private and Group sessions .

Drum Shop

We offer already made shamanic drums as well as custom made shamanic drums.